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Find answers to questions about subscriptions.

How do I set up a subscription order?

Get started here. Most items on the website can be ordered as a Subscribe & Save recurring purchase. Select the Subscribe & Save option when adding an item to your cart. Fill your cart with Subscribe & Save items. Make sure all items have the same fr

What are the terms of the subscription service?

By subscribing to Fulton Fish Market's subscription service, you have confirmed that you accept our Terms of Service. Your membership will automatically renew on a recurring basis, at which time your credit card will be charged automatically for the

When will my order be delivered?

You will receive a reminder email 3 days before your order is charged. Your order will be shipped on the next available ship date after the order is charged. A tracking notification is sent once your order ships.

What are the delivery rates for subscription orders?

Please refer to our shipping page for the most up-to-date shipping rates. All frozen orders over $125 qualify for free shipping.

How do I log in to my subscription account and manage my subscription?

You can log in to your subscription dashboard and make edits to your upcoming orders or account information.

How do I add an item to my subscription?

You can add a one-time item or recurring item to your subscription by logging into your subscription dashboard. Go to View your next order and scroll down to the Browse all products button. Enter the product you’d like to add into the search bar and

How do I edit an item, cancel an item, or swap an item?

Please note that each item is its own subscription. Log into your subscription dashboard and go to Manage subscriptions. Click on the product you would like to change. You can edit quantity and frequency, skip this item on the next order, or swap for

How do I skip or pause an order?

You can skip your next order by logging into your subscription dashboard and clicking on View upcoming orders. Click the Skip button. Confirm by clicking Yes, skip this order. The next charge for this order is now skipped. To pause for a longer perio

How do I change the charge date?

Your subscription order has a charge date and a ship date. The charge date is the date your payment will be processed. The order will ship on the next available date after the charge date. In general, Fulton Fish Market ships on Tuesdays and Thursday

How do I change the frequency of my subscription?

The frequency of your subscription determines how often you will receive a shipment. You can choose to have your order shipped every 1, 2, 4, or 8 weeks. To reduce the chance of an unexpected shipping fee, set every item to the same frequency. You ca

How do I update a payment method?

Update your payment method by logging into your subscription dashboard and clicking on Address & payment details and Manage payment methods. Click Edit and then Send edit payment link to receive an email to finalize your updated method of payment. If

How do I update my subscription shipping address?

You can edit your shipping address by logging into your subscription dashboard and clicking on Address & payment details. Choose Manage addresses. From here, you can add a new address or edit the existing shipping address. Make the edits and save. Yo

How do I apply a promotion code to my subscription?

Log into your subscription dashboard and click on View your next order. Scroll down to Add discount. Enter the code and apply. If the code does not apply or you receive an error message, please contact customer service. If you would like to apply a L

How do I redeem rewards points and apply them to my subscription account?

FultonFishMarket.com’s generous rewards program allows you to earn 5 points per $1 spent on subscription orders. To redeem points and apply them to your next subscription order, go to the Rewards page and click on View Your Points. Scroll down to the

Why are some items not eligible as a subscription?

We want your subscription experience to be as smooth as possible, so certain items that are seasonal or have unpredictable availability are unavailable as a subscription. However, those items can generally be added as one-time items to your upcoming

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your entire subscription, you will need to cancel each item separately. Log into your subscription dashboard and choose Manage subscriptions. Click on Manage this subscription and scroll down to Cancel subscription. Confirm you would like t

How do gift subscriptions work?

Gift subscriptions are a perfect gift for the home cook who has everything! Fulton offers prepaid gift subscriptions for 3 and 6-month lengths, which can be viewed in the Gift Subscriptions collection. Your recipient will receive a shipment every 4 w