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Find answers to questions about packaging from Fulton Fish Market.

How is my order packaged?

Your seafood arrives carefully packaged within a thermal-insulated liner in a corrugated box. We use food-safe, frozen gel packs or dry ice to keep your seafood cold. Feel free to reuse your frozen gel packs, and your dry ice will evaporate. Frozen i

Is the packaging sustainable? How can I dispose of my packaging?

Yes! We continuously strive to find the most sustainable options that provide you with the highest quality seafood. The cotton liner is biodegradable. It can also be in-store recycled as a #4 plastic anywhere that accepts household textiles. The cott

Why are non-frozen and frozen items shipped separately?

Frozen items ship with dry ice and will arrive fully frozen. Our live and fresh (non-frozen) items will ship with gel packs and will arrive cool to the touch and ready to prepare. To ensure items arrive at peak quality, we ship frozen and non-frozen

How does my order stay cold and fresh?

Frozen and Live/Fresh items (Non-frozen) ship in separate boxes. Frozen items ship with dry ice. Shipments with dry ice will remain frozen during transit and will arrive frozen. Live and Fresh items (Non-frozen) ship with frozen gel packs. The frozen

There is a break in the vacuum seal/the seal is not tight, is the seafood safe to consume?

In rare instances, the vacuum seal might be punctured or loose. In these cases, the seafood is still safe to consume as long as it is cold to the touch and there are no other broken containers like shattered glass or plastic that could cause potentia

How to Handle & Dispose of Dry Ice

CAUTION: Dry Ice Can Burn You. Dry ice (aka frozen carbon dioxide) is used to keep your frozen order frozen in transit. However, please be careful. Do NOT touch dry ice with bare hands because contact could cause severe cold burns and frostbite. Inst