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How is my order packaged?Updated a month ago

Your seafood arrives carefully packaged within a thermal-insulated liner in a corrugated box. We use food-safe, frozen gel packs or dry ice to keep your seafood cold. Feel free to reuse your frozen gel packs, and your dry ice will evaporate.

Frozen items ship with dry ice. Shipments with dry ice will remain frozen during transit and will arrive frozen. Fresh and live items (Non-frozen) ship separately with frozen gel packs. The frozen gel packs are used to keep your seafood cool and fresh.

The food itself comes in a variety of packaging types based on the item(s) in your order. This information can be found on product pages. In the rare instance that packaging has been punctured or torn during transit, you can feel safe to repackage it and store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

You may notice some differences for the items that are shipped from our marketplace partners. These items are noted on our product pages.

For information regarding packaging sustainability, please see our packaging sustainability FAQ.

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