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Find answers to general questions about Fulton Fish Market.

How is my seafood selected?

Our fishmongers are highly qualified seafood experts. Our team surveys the market each night and works with the best fishermen and processors in the industry to provide you with the highest quality seafood available. You simply won’t find better seaf

What makes FultonFishMarket.com different from other fish markets or retailers?

FultonFishMarket.com is located inside New York City’s iconic Fulton Fish Market, the largest fish market in the country. Our quality and assortment are second to none, trusted by the country’s leading chefs and restaurants, as well as thousands of h

Can I send an order as a gift?

Of course! When you checkout, update the delivery address with the lucky recipient’s address. Be sure to include a gift message and who it is from so the recipient knows who sent them delicious seafood!. Unsure of what to get them? A FultonFishMarket

Can I store my shipping and payment information for easy checkout? Is it secure?

Yes! We offer multiple convenient and secure options to save your checkout information for future use. We provide you with the option to save your information and easily checkout with digital wallets, including Shop Pay and PayPal. These digital wall

Do you have a store?

We do not have a physical store. Our online store, FultonFishMarket.com, is open 24/7, so you can shop our fresh seafood anytime! Check out our other FAQ related to visiting the market.

Where are you located?

We are located in New York City’s iconic Fulton Fish Market. Fulton Fish Market800 Food Center DriveBronx, NY 10474. The Fulton Fish Market is a 200+ year old market that is made up of over 20 companies primarily focused on selling seafood to restaur

Can I visit and purchase seafood from the market?

Yes, the market is open to the public and you are able to purchase seafood. The most up to date details can be found by calling (718) 378-2356. Here is an overview of how it works. Typical hours:. Monday - Friday: 2:00 AM - 7:00 AMSaturday - Sunday:

How do I contact your customer service team?

Visit our Contact Us page to find a convenient way to contact us and see our standard customer service hours.

How do I subscribe to receive special offers from Fulton Fish Market? How do I unsubscribe?

Subscribe: Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. Add your name, email, and phone number (phone number is not required). Unsubscribe:. For more information on how we collect and use your information, please refer to our privacy policy.