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Can I visit and purchase seafood from the market?Updated a year ago

Yes, the market is open to the public and you are able to purchase seafood. The most up to date details can be found by calling (718) 378-2356.

Here is an overview of how it works.

Typical hours:

Monday - Friday: 2:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED


Fulton Fish Market
800 Food Center Drive
Bronx, NY 10474


Upon arrival you’ll pay an entry fee at the security gate. This may change over time but is typically between $5 and $20 depending on the size of your vehicle. When entering you’ll park in the employee parking lot just to the right upon entering. There are six pedestrian entry tunnels clearly marked A, B, C, D, E, F. When entering the Market all buyers are to stay within the white lined sidewalks on either side of the Market. Pedestrians need to be cautious of forklifts that move throughout the Market loading and unloading goods. The Market temperature is always between 38-40°F so visitors should wear warm clothes and boots.


Seafood product availability, conditions, pricing, fabrication and packaging options vary by vendor. We recommend buyers arrive before 5am for best overall supply availability. Product will be purchased directly from one of the vendors in the market. Cash is the preferred payment method but most vendors accept credit cards as well.

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