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Promotions & Rewards

Find answers to questions about promotions and rewards program for Fulton Fish Market.

How do I apply a promotion, discount, or coupon code?

On the checkout page, locate the "Discount code or gift card" text box. Enter the code and click "Apply." Only one promotion code can be used per order. Sign in to your account to see redeemable reward points at checkout. If you receive an error, che

How do I redeem rewards points?

If you are signed in to your account, you will see your redeemable points on the checkout page. You can adjust the amount of points you wish to redeem by typing directly into the textbox. Click "Redeem" and the points will be reflected in your cart t

Where do I find promotions and discounts?

You can find a list of our current promotions here or by clicking the "Offers" tab in our main menu. To sign up for our special promotions by email and text, scroll down to the "Sign up for special offers" banner on any page and enter your informatio

Help! My promo code isn’t working!

If you receive an error when attempting to apply a promo code, first check the terms and conditions of the promotion. Many promotion codes are tied to an email address, so make sure your purchase is linked to the same email address. Only one promo co

Help! I forgot to add a promo code (but already purchased)!

If you successfully placed your order but forgot to apply a promo code during checkout, contact customer service and a representative will be happy to assist you. Please remember that only one promo code can be used per order.

Do you have a rewards program?

Yes, we have a rewards program! Learn more about the benefits of enrolling in our rewards program. Create an account, and you will automatically be enrolled. Earn points on every purchase! When you are signed in to your account, you will see redeemab

How do I enroll in the rewards program?

Simply create an account by entering your name, email address, and password. Creating an account automatically enrolls you in our Rewards Program, where you can earn points for purchases and other activities.

Why can't I use my loyalty reward code and a promo code at the same time?

Apologies for the inconvenience, but due to restrictions on our Shopify store platform, only one code can be used on a purchase. In addition, allowing only one code per order simplifies our marketing and lets us provide more varied benefits to custom

Do you have a referral program? How does it work?

Now that you have found the most trusted name in seafood, we hope you share us with your friends and family. Visit our referral page to see how to earn $25 in redeemable points. Please reach out to customer service if you have any questions.