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Storage & Handling

Find answers to questions about how to store and handle your seafood.

How to handle and dispose of dry ice

CAUTION: Dry Ice Can Burn You. Dry ice (aka frozen carbon dioxide) is used to keep your frozen order frozen in transit. However, please be careful. Do NOT touch dry ice with bare hands because contact could cause severe cold burns and frostbite. Inst

How do I store my seafood?

Once your FultonFishMarket.com box arrives, open it and inspect your seafood. Then, follow our seafood storage and handling instructions to properly store your seafood.

How long will my seafood last?

On each product page, you can find a freshness guarantee with this information located underneath the "More Info" section. You can also reference our Seafood Storage, Handling & Freezing Instructions for general information on how long products will

Can I freeze my fresh items?

Yes! Items that arrive fresh (as noted on the product pages) have never been frozen and may be put in the freezer in the same packaging in which they are received. If you plan to freeze any products in your order, we recommend putting them in the fre